Butter Makes Life Better
By Charmaine F Follow | Public

Hey guys!

For this year's #GivingWeek, I've decided to take on a crazy mad random and ambitious task (while holding down a full-time job too!):

Bake 51 boxes of a dozen Red Velvet cupcakes - and raise funds to reward the ones who diligently serve those in need.
(that's 612 times I've to ice them pretty little cupcakes; and deal with the "Should I/should I not eat frosting on its own?" dilemma)
(Trust me, I've had people tell me it's the tastiest bomb diggity. And it's on my CV too. Haha).

I've yet to decide on the beneficiaries yet, but here's how it's going to work
(in my mind now - let me know if you have any better ideas!):
1. You place an order with me in advance
2. I bake the cupcakes
3. I send the cupcakes off to you by a courier. (Even better if we meet at our mutual convenience!)

Or your best friend/father/mother/brother/sister/husband for an early Christmas surprise present.
Or anniversary gift.
Or "Please forgive me?"
or "I LOVE YOU!".
Or a "Just because." / "I've been thinking of you!" gift.

4. I tally up the funds (and nett proceeds - price will also cover the cost of ingredients and other bits - one happy home baker's hours are contributed to this cause)
5. I'll update you guys on Facebook and Peatix on the fundraising goal and target.

What say you? (Hopefully, YES!)